Friday, October 9, 2015

Is there really such a thing as too much of a good thing?

     Believe it or not, I started blogging exactly two years ago, and the main reason was to try to promote the Bike To The Bay, and try to build "Team Leapfrog".

     My friend who helped me create the blog suggested I post something three set days a week at first to get people familiar with my blog; so that's what I did.

     But this blog didn't just promote the Bike To The Bay; it built my confidence and it also pushed me to do some crazy things just to have a story. Okay, you know I never lack for words, but I love adding pictures to my stories, and you can't have pictures of a rock (well you could, but it wouldn't be very interesting).

     I started surprising myself by the things I would have never imagined doing if I didn't need something to blog about. For starters, getting back out on my bike again...

  Then riding in the Bike To The Bay, and getting some pretty awesome friends to join my team:)

But wait there's more...

     Incidentally, this past year being our second year, we had 37 riders and raised close to 16 thousand dollars; pretty amazing huh!?!  We even had sponsors and were able to get real jerseys!


     I might have never taken a ride on my brother's Harley if I wasn't looking for a story...

     Or drove his snow mobile myself at over 50 Miles an hour, when I don't even like to walk outside when it's freezing.
     And who would ever agree to have their picture taken looking like a ninja dork if not for the story:)
     I learned that I'm braver than I gave myself credit for, and nothing was going to stop me!

   And let's not forget, I managed to worm my way onto Fred Lefevbre's Radio show (several times) and why would he have me on if I had nothing to talk about... yeah, like that would happen:)

     If it wasn't for needing something to blog about I may not have forced myself to ride over the Craig Street bridge in downtown Toledo and I would have missed this amazing sun rise.

     And if I didn't need a story, I might have told my cousin he's crazy when he told me I was going to hang-glide 1500 feet up in the sky (of course he wasn't taking no for an answer either way... And for the record, he is crazy!)

     And parasailing?! What?!?! Yep:)

     This colony of deer would have never met me if I hadn't stumbled upon them in a cemetery while looking for Side Cut Park with my mom.

        And why would I even think about learning to fix my own bike if not to tell you about it... (maybe so I knew how to do it??)

     And a golf outing to raise money for MS... well of course!! More pictures!!
   To date I've written 322 posts!  But as the summer comes to an end I sometimes find it a bit of a challenge to find interesting stories along with pictures three days a week; not that my life isn't interesting:)

    I absolutely love to write and I've had a dream for quite some time to write a book; though with all the posts I've written and over 60 stories before them I would say I've written more than a book; and the royalties are paid in the form of awesome friends who humor me by reading them:) 

    But a wise man once said "Too much of a good thing isn't necessarily good".  So I've decided focusing on one interesting or crazy thing a week is a great idea:) Of course if something else wacky or amazing happens I just may sneak a second one in...  You know I never miss a chance for a good story:) So until next week...:)

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Is bike limbo a thing??

       A lot of the country might still be enjoying the nice balmy weather, but up in middle America our days are numbered.  I have to jump at every chance I get to enjoy the great out-doors.

    Last weekend as I watched the rain and blustery wind from the dry side of the window I knew Sunday would have to be the day I got out for a ride.

     However, it was colder than ideal, and just because it was dry and the wind had stopped, didn't mean it was a perfect day for a bike ride. I was only able to trick one riding buddy in to thinking that it was:)

       The Sunday before, if you remember, I was back out on the golf course for the first time in a couple of years, and this day I was still running on that high; you know that beauty you can only find on a golf course.  But I have to admit, there were times I wished I had my bike with me.  However, I came up with a brilliant idea!

     I decided to take a ride at Ottawa Park; which wraps around Ottawa Park golf course.  How's that for killing two birds with one stone:)

          Sadly, the golf course was in a little better condition than the trail.  We had to walk our bikes over this weathered old bridge.  But hey, we were outside:)

     And if you look up, the sky makes up for it...

     This sure was different from the last time I rode here.  For one the fall leaves were new, but ironically, the last time we rode here was the day after a storm as well.  I remember a tree was blocking the trail, forcing us to turn around and walk our bikes back up a 90 degree hill; never again... (it was a heck of a lot easier going down it).

     But then I was soon stopped dead in my tracks; it was like deja' vu all over again... 
     Darned if we didn't have another mammoth tree blocking the trail again.  Seriously!?!?!  But I was in no mood to turn around and hoof it back up that mountain, so as I got up to the tree... I thought for a second... 
          You know me... I always have a great idea:)
     I just invented a new sport... bike ride golf/limbo!

 My motto is "work smarter, not harder" Right?? :)

     Is it just me or are there sure a lot of crazy obstacles out there making life interesting... But that's okay; I'm always up for a challenge!!

Have a great day!!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Crazy is learned behavior.

     If you have family; you have traditions, and it's never too late to start some new ones.

     You probably remember, last winter I went down to Fort Myers Florida to visit my cousin, who is as crazy, if not more so than I am.  When we were planning some things to do during my stay I had mentioned to him that he needed to keep in mind that my crazy legs had a mind of their own.  Keith had me covered.  He told me with what he had planed, my legs would have no choice but to cooperate.

     When I found myself 1500 feet in the sky, my legs were no longer the boss of me any more.

        On that trip I discovered a lot of ways to overcome the challenges my legs presented me with, but Keith also learned a lot about my one big passion; and that's riding my bike.

     I told him all about the "Critical Mass" ride I had done in downtown Detroit and mentioned that they do these rides in major cities all over the country.  As you can see, this ride I went on wasn't a typical stroll in the park.  It was more of a statement by eccentric cyclists raising awareness. 

     On this ride I was warned that it didn't come without some risk, and the fact that I finished it unscathed was a true victory.  Of course, I felt like I really stood out with my bright pink jacket on; though in hindsight it may have been a little too passive for this brutal inner city ride.

     I don't know if Keith didn't want to be out done by his little cuz, or he just wanted to get in on the action; but he started researching Critical Mass rides in Fort Myers.  He told me the rides down there appeared to be more of a circus atmosphere than the one up north, and when he mentioned that he was shopping for a super hero costume to wear, I just made him promise not to pull out the spandex.  After all, I didn't want him giving our family a reputation.  We already own way  too much real-estate in the nut house:)
     Look how awesome this picture is of the ride in Fort Myers; down south just might be the place to be...

   I thought I stood out at my Critical Mass ride, but check this dude out!!  Of course he only promised no spandex...

     This was certainly not like the ride I did... 

          it looked a little more like Halloween meets Christmas...

     It was different, I give you that... but at the same time it looked like a lot of fun. I guess fun comes in many different forms:)

     And I think Keith just had to prove to me that I wasn't the only one who could fly...

        Over the last few years I've tried to give in to my fears and as a result I've discovered how good my life can be. And I have to admit, my cuz definitely has no problem stepping outside the box either, as you can see... I guess it runs in the family:)

Have a great day!!


Friday, October 2, 2015

You can find anything if you keep your eyes open.

        You know I live for the color pink, and if it's out there I'll find it.  When I needed to replace my car I joked about getting a pink SUV. Of course that was a real stretch, but red was almost pink.

      This month being breast cancer awareness month I'm sure I'll be surrounded by pink everything!  Given the fact that I'm a survivor myself, is all the more reason to love pink:)  Though pink cars are few and far between. 

       But low and behold, A friend sent me a picture of a pink VW bug and this little car was totally adorable!  But how would I have fit my bike in it??  


And then another friend sent me this picture! 

     Of course, I already had my red SUV.  Though it is good to know my friends are looking out for me:)

          I was very happy with my choice to get red, but I still wondered if a pink SUV even existed... I've never seen one; so they probably don't.

     The other day as I was stopped at a red light I looked over to my left; hiding behind a pole looked like a pink SUV.  My eyes must have been playing tricks on me.
         But it was for real!  Of course you would never believe me if I told you, and the light seemed to stay red forever, so I just had to get proof.  I zoomed all the way in and here is my proof that they really do exist! 
     This SUV was definitely too big for me, but it was still cool to actually see it.  Who knows, maybe next time...  Of course you know I'm just kidding:)  (or am I??)

     Perfection never comes easy, but as you can see, if you just keep your eyes open you will always find what you're looking for... and you'll know it when you see it:)

Have a great weekend!!



Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I might not be a pro; but I'll never hang up my bag:)

     To think there was a day that I was totally obsessed with golf, and now I haven't played in a million years.  But last weekend I actually dusted the cobwebs off my clubs.

     My friend and leapfrog teammate, Kelly, asked me to play in a golf outing at Giant Oaks Golf Club.  Her dad was doing a fund raiser for the MS Society.  Kelly also has MS and this was their third annual golf outing.  Ironically, this was the very first place I played golf; back in the day of dinosaurs, when "woods" were actually made of wood:)
     I honestly had no idea how I would do because this would be the first time playing with all of my bionic hoopla:)  At least I could look the part if nothing else! (the brace is just an accent piece!)

     Luckily, it was a scrambles, so I was able to rely on my three teammates to have a good shot if mine tanked.  They assured me they had no problem carrying me if they had to... I don't think they knew I might take them literally:)

       As it turned out, Mike was the one carrying the team, while Jason claimed to be the comic relief:)

     It was apparent that I wouldn't be playing on the LPGA tour anytime soon, but I actually found my swing again:)

     And I knew it wasn't about the score; Kelly and I had an ulterior motive, and that was to help raise money for MS research, and just have fun:) 
     I really miss these guys!  I know they don't look like the head covers of a serious golfer, then again, I don't claim to be serious:)
     And I know most people are focused on their next shot but I was more focused on the awesome sky!

     I had to remind myself we had a tournament going on...

     And of course, as I remembered, with fall golf comes leaves, and the real challenge was not losing your ball.  Note to self... pink, not the best choice...

     I had forgotten how long eighteen holes actually was, and by the end my legs were feeling it (or not feeling...), but I was just happy to be out on the course again:)
        So this day confirmed that nothing is ever really gone for good; sometimes we just have to find a different way.  And you know my motto:  Where there's a will, there is one:)

Have a great day!!