Monday, April 20, 2015

It's not just the early bird that gets the worm

     If it was true what they say about the early bird getting the worm I would be up to my eye balls with those slimmy fellas.  Not much gets past me.

     Last Saturday we didn't go to our usual place for breakfast, but the good thing about switching it up a bit is there are more new people to meet.  

     This time we went to Uncle John's Pancake House which was a change, but me getting there early to save the table wasn't.

      When the hostess took me to the table for nine she had set for us, I noticed another table was set up for nine right beside me.  And one lonely gentleman was sitting there as well.  I sat down and asked him if he was sitting with all of his friends like I was, and as he chuckled I knew this would end up in another interesting conversation.

     The man told me he had been going there every Saturday for a very long time and saving a table for a bunch of senior men who call themselves the ROMEOs (how sweet is that!?).  They were all older veterans and they took a little longer to get going, so he gets there early to hold the table.  He mentioned his parents were in there nineties, to which I pointed out that it looks like he has longevity in his future.  He jokingly commented he didn't know if he could hold out that long.  I told him I feel the same way when I think about the questions about my brace everyday for the next 30 or so years, and that was the beginning of yet one more version of my lengthy story...

          Before long, his group of men started filtering in and my table filled in as well.  But soon this table of nine veterans was joined by one token lady.  She looked over and said hi to one of the ladies, Sharon, in my group, whom she obviously knew.

     After breakfast a few of the ladies started leaving, and so did the men.  There were no more than a handful of us left and I began to feel as though I was growing roots, and I had a million things to do that day.  

     I was standing there with my jacket and purse in hand when the last straggler, Judie, from the men's table migrated over to ours.  For what ever reason, I felt inclined to sit back down.

     Judie began to tell us the story of how her husband used to meet with these men every Saturday for a very long time.  her husband, Bill, passed away not too long ago, but before he did he told his wife he wanted her to meet them one Saturday morning so he could buy them all breakfast.  She let Jim ( the gentleman who kept me company when I first got there) know of her intentions and I got chills to think of this man's wonderful spirit living on through his wife.  It was a true love story.

     I asked Judie how long they had been married and she told me 40 years; his first wife had passed away from breast cancer.  I told her I'm an almost 4 year breast cancer survivor  myself, and she congratulated me.  I told her I also have survived MS for 30 years on top of it.  She was amazed and of course, I began to tell her my story about riding in the Bike To The Bay and all of the money we've managed to raise. 

     Before long I noticed Judie had reached into her wallet and started pulling out a twenty dollar bill.  But then as I continued on, her wallet and twenty went onto her lap and under the table.  Maybe she decided to wait and see how my story played out before investing that twenty...

     When my story had come to an end Judie placed that twenty on the table, only, through origami she had turned it into an impressive piece of art.  

          She asked me if I had hair pins because it's a crown and it should be on my head because I'm a princess.  

          Here she was a total stranger, though something told her I was someone worth investing in.  There's that leap of faith again:)  And another BFF...

     Incidently, ROMEO stood for "Retired Old Men Eating Out":)

Sharon and my mom; aren't they cute!!

     It's true, in most cases the early bird gets the worm, but if you don't see the story to the end, you may never witness the happily ever after.

Have a great day!!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Anyone who cares is a care partner


     The second Tuesday of ever month I go to an MS self help group meeting.  It isn't like an AA group; we can't make MS go away or pledge to stay away from it.  But what we can do is share tips on how to make the best of our life as we know it.

     In fact, it's encouraged that we focus on what we have rather than what we don't.  We always start the meeting by telling the best thing that happened to us in the last month, and the worst thing is supposed to be checked at the door:)
   Next month the meeting will focus on the most important people in our lives, and that would be "care partners".  We all have different challenges but we aren't the only ones living with this disease.  Our loved ones face just as many challenges as we do but they don't always get the credit.  

     No two situations are alike and a care partner can come in many different forms as well.  Someone with limited mobility might need that extra set of hands or feet, where as someone with hearing deficit might need a spare set of ears.  Then again, maybe it's simply just someone to listen.

     No matter what our situation is, our loved ones are our rock.  The key word in "care partner" is "care", and all anybody asks for is someone who truly cares.  Not necessarily someone to live our lives, but walk in our shoes and understand.  They might not have all the answers, but will stand by you and help you figure it out.  And anyone fortunate enough to find them should feel so grateful to know they aren't going through this alone.

Here's to all the people who "care".

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My first big girl bike ride of the season!

     This past weekend was turning into the perfect weather for a bike ride, and my plan was to get out on Sunday afternoon with a few riding buddies.  I had already gotten my "sea legs"  with my two little "baby rides" over the past couple of weeks, so I needed to amp it up just a tad.

     Two of the riders were just getting back into riding again after years of sabbatical, and I knew this would give me a chance to slack a little on this ride.  If I managed to ride ten miles I would consider it a job well done.

     However, when Sunday came around the bike ride totally fell apart.  I guess sometimes the best laid plans get put on hold. I knew the days of seventy and sunny were few and far between, so I was a little bummed, but the day wasn't over.  Things always have a way of working out, and where there's a will there's a way...

     I managed to get a ride in after all.  I ended up riding with a new riding buddy I met, of all places, in the parking lot of Wildwood Park.  It was just the two of us (and about 14 thousand others) there.  Here I thought I was the only one who thought it was a good day for a ride...

          The park was so packed that cars were backed up waiting for others to leave so they could take their parking space.  Before long cars started lining the streets, even though there were signs that clearly stated parking was permitted in marked spaces only... oops!

     After being locked up indoors all winter it was as if the prison guards had opened the gates and the inmates just swarmed this park.  

     My original thought was to just take a couple laps around the park, but after dodging a million cars as well as pedestrians who had no idea how to share the roads with cyclists, the trail seemed like a much better idea.  Once again, about 14 thousand others had that same thought...

     People or no people, the day was beautiful so it was very hard to end my ride.  After completing the entire bike trail and riding back into the park I looked at my computer only to discover I had rode almost  fifteen and a half miles!  Not to mention I had another possible prospect for the Bike To The Bay:)

          I guess it's official now.  No more excuses about "phasing into riding" anymore.  And that was my first "big girl" bike ride of the season:)

Have a great day!!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Side cut park; what's left of it now??


        All last summer I had been meaning to get to Side Cut Park but I never managed to make it there.  Someone told me the trails were only dirt at last check, so it may not even have an actual bike trail.

     I was there a few years back, but at the time I wasn't at all thinking about bike riding, so I couldn't tell you.  I know it had a great view of the Maumee river and a lot of ducks, but I really needed to go back there to refresh my memory.

     Of course the harsh winter we had was devastating for this quaint little park.  The heavy snow and tons of ice, according to the news reporter, ripped it apart.  Now I had two reasons to go back.  One; to check for a bike trail and two; to see how different the park looked after the brutal winter and since I was there last.  

     This past Saturday I was at breakfast with my mom and some friends and as it happens all so often, we were eating breakfast at one place, and talking about who had the best Chocolate eclairs in town.  Hands down, my vote was for Wixey's Bakery in Maumee, though, I hadn't been there in a million years.  My mom, my sister and I used to go there to get one as a special treat, back in the day.

     I had plans that evening so I was unable to fit a bike ride in before hand like I had hoped I would.  I asked my mom if she wanted to take a road trip to Side Cut Park just to check out the winter damage, as well as the possibility of one more park to ride my bike at in the future.  It was a gorgeous day and we both loved the thought of getting outside.

     I couldn't remember where this park was so I put the address in my GPS and went on auto pilot.  As we were nearing our destination the GPS lady told us to turn onto Saint Joe's Cemetery drive.  This made no sense, but I remembered Secor Park has a cemetery smack dab in the middle, so maybe this cemetery has a "park" in it...

     We never found the park in the cemetery, but I was never more thrilled that we were sent on this wild goose chase, because this is what we found clear in the back... 


     There was an entire colony of deer just hanging out.  I was so excited and I stopped the car in the hopes of getting a picture of this miracle before they fled.

     I couldn't believe my eyes, as I walked closer and closer they just stared at me.

     It was as if they were saying "TAKE A PICTURE!  IT'LL LAST LONGER!!"  Hello... that's what I'm doing...

     After I took about 40 pictures (imagine that...)  we got back in our car and left to find the park.  We found a sign that said Side Cut Park but it wasn't what I had remembered... there was no river and no ducks.

     We weren't giving up though.  We wandered aimlessly until we finally saw the park I remembered from before.

     The river was like I remembered, and it sure didn't appear to have suffered much devastation.

     And the ducks...

     We saw three... but give them time; it was still early.

The last thing we needed to do was check out the trails.

Uh... it doesn't look like I'll be riding my bike here.  I guess this park is better for just sitting and enjoying the view of the river.

     This was such a pleasant afternoon and my mom and I were so glad we didn't give up on our quest.  But what she didn't know was I had one more stop on my agenda...

     When we left the park I turned right, onto the Anthony Wayne trail, which was in the opposite direction from the Highway.  My mom must have thought I was still discombobulated from the trip here.  She said "aren't you heading towards the zoo?"  I told her I knew where I was, but I just wanted to go home the other way.  She agreed it's nice to take side streets once in a while just to look at the scenery.

     However, I totally threw her for a loop when I pulled up to Wixey's Bakery.  I think she thought I had gone crazy...

     But sometimes it's the tiny unexpected surprises that give you the most joy.  And there's no better thrill than stepping outside of the box on a whim every once in a while.

     If you think these eclairs look "to die for", you should taste them:)  Of course, we shared one;  do you think I'm crazy or what?!?!

     It's true, after this Saturday afternoon adventure I never did find a bike trail, but that doesn't mean I didn't find what I was looking for:)

Have a great day!!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Anyone with a bike and a good heart is a prospect!

        I've mentioned that Team Leap frog was based on a leap of faith that we can do this (not to mention my love of frogs).  But we're seeing a whole new meaning to the "leap" aspect of our team.  

     The team started out with only me, and as it was, I wasn't even certain I could do it, but was pushed into trying (hence the leap of faith).  As my team grew larger than ever, I started believing more and more in this "faith" concept.

     When I say the "leap" is taking on a whole new meaning, what I mean is, as one one team member finds a conflict in riding this year, miraculously, a new rider somehow leaps into that hole.  

     One of my riding buddies, Robert, had been a huge cyclist for many years and rode in the Bike To The Bay for about 12, along with the team he formed.  About 8 years ago he was bit by the infamous MS Monster himself, giving his ride a whole new direction.

     Last year he decided to throw in the towel for the Bike To The Bay due to the complications he encountered with MS, but offered to help me train for the ride.  Oddly enough, he rode faster and further than I could ever imagine going.  I did complete the ride, and grew my team bigger than I would have ever thought possible.  But I had to question why Robert had thrown in the towel if I was able to do it with 30 years of MS under my belt myself.

     When the next year sign-ups came around Robert actually Joined our team.  The only difference was he signed up for the 75 miles both ways (I'm hoping I can do 50...)  

     Slowly but surely he started asking some of his friends from his old team to ride again and has gotten several commitments.  

     He had been talking to his friends Mary and Kent, who were very anxious to join our team, but neither of them had bikes.  Remember the Bike co op where I go to work on my bike... well Robert figured that would be the perfect place to take them to find a bike.  


     Mary found one that she absolutely fell in love with, and once you're hooked there's no backing out.  Kent, however, is still deciding, but as soon as Mary bought that bike I asked her if that meant she was riding, and she said absolutely!  The only caveat was that she needed someone to train with.  This was music to my ears!  I can always use another riding buddy:) 


     I'm very fortunate to find new team members to fill in some of the empty spaces and very hopeful next year some of the Leapfrogs who are on a sabbatical will be able to leap back in:)

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Trails again

          Back in the day, the "weather girl" only had to stand there and look pretty in front of an invisible map on a green screen while she made her weather "guesses" for the day.  All she needed was a quarter and there was a fifty-fifty chance of rain. These days Meteorologists can practically tell you down to the second when the rain will be here and for how long.

     It had been a week since my ludicrous bike ride in the freezing cold, and I desperately wanted to get back out and ride.  The weather forecast predicted rain every day in the week ahead of us, and temps in the forties, with the exception of Monday, which was supposed to be around 60 degrees, and the rain was supposed to be very brief; from 11 to 1 o'clock, so Monday afternoon it was.

     After the rain passed through I had to assess the wet pavement situation.  With my skinny road bike tires there was no way I was riding until the streets were dry.  I've been told the thin tires won't cause me to lose control, but riding in a state of panic will.

     I went to Wildwood Park, which is where I would pick up The University Parks trail and this is what the parking lot looked like.  
     It was obviously going to be a while before it was dry, but I knew it would happen eventually, so I went home and waited for that time to come.  

     A couple hours later I threw on my bike gear and headed  back; what a difference it was.  Look at all the cars now!  Obviously, there were a lot of other people who had the same idea as me.

          However, when I got on the trail it's self, I discovered there were very few people who actually left the park and ventured on to the trail, but that was fine with me; this way I wouldn't have many bikes to dodge.

     I did come across a couple who were out walking and were obviously taking a quick break.  I wanted to get a picture of the trail in it's infancy after the brutal winter and I didn't think this kind looking couple would mind taking it for me.  I was right; they were very sweet.  

           So I'm chalking this one up to my first "official" bike ride for the season.  (after all, the ride last week was actually just a ride down memory lane;)

     One more note before I declare this ride a success; the construction that wasn't finished after the entire summer last year was still waiting to be completed...  


       Oh well, we have all summer ahead of us and we're not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Have a great day!!


Monday, April 6, 2015

It's a ways until the Bike To The Bay but our frogs are hopping!

     It's hard to believe the MS BTTB is approaching again.  It seems like we just got finished with the last one, and now it's less than three months away.  I'm very humbled by how many people are trying to support my mission, and there is no way I can let them down.  So you will see me working harder than ever to raise awareness and donations again, and prove that all it takes is a leap of faith, and anything is possible.

     I have a commitment from almost all of my sponsors from last year for our team shirts, and Team Leapfrog is well underway.  A couple of team members have already sold quite a few pink leapfrog shirts from last year for a 20.00 donation to help our team, which is a good thing, because I still have several more that need a good home.  Let me know if you're a big fan of pink, you want to adopt some cute frogs, or you just want to help us out by taking one off our hands:) 

     Quite a few donations are in and it's starting to feel real again.  If you can help out at all by riding or donating I would be forever grateful!  You can click on the Bike to the bay up at the top of this page and it will walk you through it.

     It's a little scary to think that I put down a goal of 30,000.00 for my thirty years of MS, but if I don't shoot for the stars how am I supposed to lasso them.  Just think, the star I lasso can be seen from the other end of the earth, so there's a very good possibility we're all working on the same one:)

     Thank you again for supporting my mission, even it's simply by reading my blog!  Stay tuned to see how my bike trails have weathered out the long winter.  I also plan to head up north and check out some new trails very soon:)

Have a great day!!


Friday, April 3, 2015

Who's the clown now!?!?

      Well, I'm officially back outside riding so it's time to get serious about the Bike To The Bay.  I can take all the bike rides I want but that isn't what's gonna build my team and raise money.  My bicycle is simply a vessel in my journey.  In fact, if they ever change it to "The Harley to the bay"  I'd probably be all over that.  I need to raise awareness.

     Last spring I utilized every resource I could in order to get some publicity for Team Leapfrog.  If you remember Fred Lefevbre had me on his radio talk show six Friday mornings leading up to the ride and I was starting to think I owned the place.

     He acted as though I was a pain in his side but I think Fred actually liked having me on his show because I was an easy target.  Though all the guff I took from him, I gave right back. 

     One particular Friday I decided to pack my bike up and take a ride downtown before our interview.  Remember, I was a newbie to this bike riding thing and I will admit I did look a little silly, but I didn't think I was going to a fashion show so I didn't care.  Besides, I already knew I had the perfect face for radio...


          When Fred saw me come into the studio dressed like this he had a real field day.  He told his audience that I looked like I was in a European Circus.  You can only imagine all of the E-mails and phone calls I received desperately wanting to know how I was dressed so they could compare it to the image they had in their mind.

     By the end of the summer I was starting to look a little more like a cyclist than a clown, but the main thing was Team Leapfrog was huge and we Raised 22,000.00.  If I have to wear a frog suit next time to raise money then that's what I'll do.

   I mentioned a while back that I've been going to this "Trivia Nite" at Paddy Jacks Grill on Tuesdays and it just so happens Fred Lefevbre is there every single week, rain or shine.  This man takes it super serious though, unlike me who is there  simply for something to do.  

     I told Fred he has to have me on again this spring because it's my 30 year milestone of living with MS.  Of course Fred being Fred said "I don't HAVE TO do anything... it's my show".  But he also knew I wasn't letting up until he agreed, so you'll hear me back on his show this year too:)

    After several weeks of playing I have to say there's no denying Fred's team is pretty good, and they do put their whole heart and soul into it.  But you've heard the old expression "what goes around comes around".  I just couldn't resist and I asked Fred if I could get a picture of him for my blog for the BTTB and of course he knew it was payback time; well here it is... my payback! 

      Call me a Circus clown will you...  Fred claims these ten gallon yellow foam rubber hats bring his team luck and maybe they do.  But if you were to spot me in some European circus I think Mr. Fred would be right there with me and all the other clowns:)

     I guess we all have something or someone that helps build our confidence, for some it's a big goofy yellow rubber hat.

Have a great Easter!!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't say it unless you mean it:)

        I'm sure we've all had one time or another where we committed to something that in hindsight we asked our selves "what was I thinking??"  I seem to do that a lot!  but I'm usually too stubborn to let it defeat me.

     I'll take all the help I can get when it comes to living life, and though my brace and nerve zapper are actually a godsend when it comes to walking, the things I love the most don't require either of them to do.  When I ride my bike I feel like I am exactly the same as everyone else, so I long for the day I can get back out on it.

     Yes, I took my bike off of my indoor trainer in spite of Mother Nature and her silly games, and it may have been a little premature, but I told you I planned to be out on my bike over the weekend if I had to freeze in the process.  

     Well you should know by now I don't make claims unless I intend to follow through with them, and so I knew in my mind I was riding Sunday if it was the last thing I did.

     Earlier in the week, when I so confidently vowed to ride on the weekend, It was supposed to be in the fifties by then.  Of course, that all changed.  Sunday's projected high was now 42, estimated to peak right before the rain was supposed to role in, about four o'clock PM. 

     But when the day started out it was a mere 23, so we had some cooking to do before it was remotely warm enough to ride.  Just after noon it appeared to be as warm as it was gonna get before the rain would hit and it was only 39 degrees.  In my mind "cold" trumps "cold and wet" anytime, so I put on three shirts, bike leggings, knee socks, winter bike gloves and the warmest coat I could physically ride in, and set out to get this charade over with.

     But don't think I was heading out to some elaborate bike trail; that would mean committing to a ride longer than I thought I could do. 

     The perfect place to ride had to be Olander Park for many reasons... Number one, this park was my first true love, and as cold as it was outside I still felt totally warm inside.  Then being that the lap around the lake was only one mile long, I knew I was always no further than one mile from my warm car at any given time. And lastly, no matter how few people are there, I never feel alone.

     My goal wasn't going to be huge, I mean after all, I was out there, and that's massive in and of it's self.  One or two laps around was just enough to get my feet wet. I've been so desperately waiting to get back out on my bike and I have to remind myself that things don't always happen when I want, but when the time is right. 

   Yes, I was actually out there, like a fool, but what you can't see is every ounce of my body was frozen solid, yet it was so nice to be back there...

     The winter sure did set this park into a deep slumber.  You'll notice by this photo, nothing appears to be living.

        With all of the mounds and mounds of snow from this past winter the grass took a pretty heavy beating, and it will surely take some work to bring it back.

          Now remember, I said I was doing one or two laps around, however, the wind made it not only freezing, but it felt like I was peddling through oatmeal, so as the first lap was coming to an end I told myself "one time" IS "one or two", so that would be it for me.

     Just then I saw a couple more fools out walking, I'm guessing husband and wife, and I asked them if they wouldn't mind taking my picture for my blog to prove I actually got out and rode.  The man said "sure" and took the camera.  I told him I blog about my ride in the Bike To The Bay. He said "Oh, that would explain all of the pink... oh wait... that's breast cancer..."  I told him yes, but ironically I have that under my belt as well as MS.  He then commented that I was too young to have all that stuff going on... I replied "RIGHT?!?!". But here I am:)

     As the couple walked away I thought this wasn't like me to only do the bare minimum of a goal, so you guessed it... I made that second lap.   

     I'm really glad I went around once more; I never noticed this flock of geese the first time.  Proof spring IS here!


     As I got back to my car I thought to myself... maybe I could push the envelope and do one more lap and blow my goal out of the water.  What am I, CRAZY!?!?

     I got in my car and drove home:)

     If my arms were just a little longer I would have patted myself on the back, but instead I just gave the ole' thumbs up!!  Sometimes I just need a little reminder that if I hang in there and weather out the storm, eventually the sun WILL come out:)

Have a great day!!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Three legs are better than one


     We know ups and downs are simply a part of life, and it's our job to hold each other up.  But lately I seem to see a lot more people feeling down than I ever remembered.  Maybe I'm just more in tuned than I used to be, and I'm finally seeing what was always around me.

     I'm sure you've heard me mention my favorite song is LEAN ON ME, because the words represent what life is all about.  It reminds me that no matter what, I am never alone. There is absolutely nothing better than helping to make someone's life a little easier.

     I've learned that helping others doesn't mean fixing them, rather holding them up so they don't fall, but human nature makes us want to fix them anyway.

     I had a friend who was feeling very down, and after trying to help make things better I was told it would only bring me down too.  But the thing is, if we lean on each other we become each other's crutch, so we both stay up.  We can all use a leg up at one time or another.

     Almost every summer picnic has the classic "three legged race".  The challenge to this race is that you have to totally count on the help of your partner to make it to the finish line.  The cool thing is, if one of you falls down you have someone else on the ground laughing right there with you, and your teammate and you both help each other back up.

     When I walk on the treadmill, as a rule, I turn the speed up higher than my crazy legs can actually go, and rely on the treadmill to pull me along faster than I would ever go on my own.  I have hand rails on either side, and I hold on to both of them for dear life so I don't fall on my face.  Sure, I might trip on my toes a few times, but after I put my heart back in my chest I grab on a little tighter and motor on.

     The other day I decided to try something different.  I set the speed much lower, then I let go of the rails and concentrated on every step I took.  Of course, this was a good challenge, and it forced me to do it with out any support.  As I made a conscious effort to lift my toe every step, knowing that one mess up would send me flying, I decided to switch it up again.  I turned the speed up a tad bit more and just held on to the left hand rail in case I tripped.

     Before long I realized that one hand rail was all I needed to feel safe.  I guess that's why the song is called LEAN ON ME and not CARRY ME, you can ask anyone under the sun... And if you think that you don't need help... three legs are ALWAYS better than one.

Have a great day!!



Friday, March 27, 2015

If April showers bring May flowers, what do snow showers bring??

     This sure has been an extremely long winter and I decided I was going to put an end to it once and for all.  I watch the weather forecast practically hourly, after all, how else was I supposed to respond when people randomly ask me when it's gonna warm up... I'm not actually a Meteorologist but I'm always happy to give them a free opinion. If we didn't have weather what else would we have to talk about...

     I anxiously awaited the day when the temperature would finally spike over 50 degrees, and that was when I planned to get my bike off  of my indoor trainer and back on the road. The tricky thing is, once it's off I'm done riding inside so I needed to commit.

     According to the extended weather forecast this weekend was going to be "D day"; after all, it's officially spring and mother nature surely wouldn't lie to me, WOULD SHE!?!?
     However, I woke up to a gushing down-pour of rain and though it wasn't optimal, I just remembered the old saying "April showers bring May flowers" (and maybe frogs...) and April was only days away so we were right on schedule.

     As I dodged the quarter sized raindrops just before dawn I kept reminding myself that at least it wasn't snow, and a little water certainly wasn't going to make me melt.  As soon as the sun comes out things would surely dry up and my bike and I could re visit those bike trails we put to rest last fall.

     But as the day progressed that crazy mother nature decided to play a trick on me because this is what we were looking at now...  SNOW?? Seriously!?!?!                 


     But two could play at this game!  I took my bike off my trainer in spite of the snow, and if this snow doesn't go away I'll show mother nature and ride this weekend anyway; that's what gloves are for.  Now the question becomes which bike trail will be lucky enough to get me:)

     It's true, we can't fool mother nature, even if she pulls a fast one on us, but whatever she dishes out I plan to take:)  After all, plans might change, but if you just add an "E" that "plan" becomes "plane", and with that extra set of wings the opportunities are endless.

Have a great weekend!!




Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's not what you know, but who you know that matters.

     Anyone who is into sports knows March madness is huge.  I don't follow football, so I really don't care... I know! I know!! I'm not that ditsy!!! We're talking basket ball... but I don't follow that either, so the statement is totally correct.

     DMC Tech Group, where I work, was having a kick off party after hours for the start of the March madness games, and though I don't really care who wins or loses it was a party and food, so I planned on being there.  

     A couple of the guys were working diligently that afternoon to set up the big screen and projector in the glass enclosed conference room, which was totally within eyes view of the reception desk where I was sitting.  After what seemed like hours later, they finally had it up and running.

     Jeff, one of the guys setting up, said "It must be nice to sit there and watch the game all day".  It almost seemed like a total waste.  Someone who could really care less planted right in front a huge screen and able to catch every bit of the action, yet I didn't even care...

     But at five o'clock, when the work day was over I was right there with the rest of them acting like I had a clue... who am I kidding... I wasn't acting, I was clueless.  I personally would have made my picks based on the cutest uniform:)

     After some idle chit chat and a comment or two about who's winning, I started showing Susan Taylor, who wasn't there last year, some pictures of our team for the Bike To The Bay 2014, making sure to point out Steve, her boss, wearing the pink leapfrog shirt.  I asked her if she wanted to ride this year.  She really sounded interested, but her biggest concern was that her bike was making some weird noises, so she might have to get it fixed.

     A year or so ago I would have said "wow, sounds like it's time for a new bike".  But I know so much about my bike now that I was confident that I could help her figure out what was wrong.

     Susan was now anxious to ride with us and said she has a couple of neighbors who she could ask to ride as well.  She had to take the weekend to make sure it would work, but by Monday she was hooked!

     I guess the old saying still holds true... It's not what you know, but who you know, that matters:)

Have a great day!!